Project We are not seeking any donation or charity.

"Project Indigo" is a human vision on the less privileged children of our society. This is a humble attempt by a group of friends to make a tangible difference, in our small capacity. You are Welcome!

We are neither an NGO, nor a Society/ Institution or Association! We certainly do expect compassionate behavior from the Government and Societies we live in towards these Children, but we do not demand for it for we are also threads of the same societal ecosystem. We rather do it ourselves, in whatever small competence we have. However Yes, we strive to inspire if we can!

Project Indigo isn’t seeking Donation or Charity, but expecting Compassion from you. 

We are seeking Human sympathy and kindness, Care and Consideration towards the less-privileged small children who are often seen in our streets and known as ‘Homeless’ or ‘Orphans’ who are equally a Human Being as we are. They are born with the same basic rights – the Right to Food, Shelter, Health, Education, Happiness, Trust and 'Unconditional Love', and to live in this planet with a dignity!

Maybe this is an oversimplification of Human Rights, but if we can even ensure a fraction of above is provided to a small segment of the less-privileged humanity with dignity, we would partly fulfill our reason to exist here as this webpage.