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This website is a humble attempt to reach to the Common People – which include you and me. People like you and me can bring a Great Change! is created by a small group of Friends from various parts of the world working towards a goal: ‘Compassion towards the less privileged children’ – not with a feeling of charity, but with a feeling of Love.

 We didn’t perceive the need so far to formalize our work because we do not believe in monetary Charities or Donations. As we do not plan to accept Monetary Contributions, there are no Accounting liabilities/ Obligations or Finance-bound motivations. The efforts are being channelized by this small group of friends using their own Assets, Time & Efforts.

In case if you are interested to participate, we would urge you to look at your own surroundings and be that spark of change around your world. Be a part of this feeling – it’s a wonderful gift to be human!

If you want to be one of us, visit your local Orphanage, bring with you some candy, little kindness and love. Try spending some time with these kids. See if you can be a friend. Bring a street kid with you; provide him or her a good meal. At the very least, smile :-)  Try calling them by their name and talk to them with dignity … if you wish, maybe you can organize your friends and once a month visit their place. 

Please see if you can, be a reason for their happiness, for in reality this is not “we” vs. “they” … if we really look back long enough, we aren't strangers!

If you are a big organization, you can do wonderful things. How about opening a small dispensary where these Children can visit and get treated free of charge. It would cost less than installing an advertisement hoarding, isn't it?

Just try once! Be an Indigo.